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How to Add a Klaviyo Email Template to the 'Notify Me' App
How to Add a Klaviyo Email Template to the 'Notify Me' App

Seamlessly integrate your Klaviyo design with our system in just a few steps!

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If you love the designs of your Klaviyo email templates and wish to integrate them with our 'Notify Me' app, you're in the right place. Here's a straightforward guide on how you can achieve this with minimal hassle.

Step 1: Exporting Your Klaviyo Email Template

  1. Login to Klaviyo: Start by logging into your Klaviyo account.

  2. Navigate to Email Templates: Navigate to Content > Templates

  3. Export Option: Click the additional options menu on the right.

  4. Save the code: Click Export and The template will be exported as HTML code. copy it.

Step 2: Importing the Klaviyo Template into 'Notify Me'

  1. Access 'Notify Me': Login to your 'Notify Me' dashboard.

  2. Email Templates Section: Navigate to the 'Notification' section.

  3. Import Option: Click on the 'Add custom template' button.

  4. Upload the File: Name the template and paste the code you copied here.

Step 3: Replacing Klaviyo Liquid Codes with 'Notify Me' Variables

Now, this step is crucial. You need to ensure that the template's dynamic content areas match our app's variables.

  1. Identify Klaviyo Codes: In the imported template, look for any Klaviyo-specific liquid codes. These are usually enclosed within curly braces {} or {{}} or catalogs.

  2. Check 'Notify Me' Variables: In another tab or window, open up our list of available variables. This will give you a reference for the next steps.

  3. Start Replacing: For every Klaviyo liquid code, replace it with the corresponding 'Notify Me' variable.

  4. Save Changes: After replacing all the Klaviyo-specific codes, save your template within 'Notify Me.'

And that's it! You've successfully integrated your Klaviyo email template with our 'Notify Me' app. Now, each time a notification is triggered, it will be sent using your beautiful Klaviyo design, but powered by our reliable notification system.

If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. Happy notifying!

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