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Welcome to Notify Me! Your Solution for Back-in-Stock Alerts
Welcome to Notify Me! Your Solution for Back-in-Stock Alerts

What's restock and notify me button

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Welcome to Notify Me!, your new partner in providing seamless customer service even when dealing with out-of-stock products.

Notify Me!'s primary function is to inform your customers when a previously out-of-stock product is back in its inventory. It’s an autonomous notification app (a Shopify Plugin) designed to help you mitigate lost sales due to stock shortage.

The primary goal of Notify Me! is to keep customers informed about the availability of their desired products. With our smart alert system, your customers can promptly purchase items they've been waiting for.

By incorporating the "Notify me when available" button on your sold-out product pages, you can engage with customers and maintain their interest, even on pages that previously seemed unproductive due to stock absence.

Notify Me! entices customers back to your store and helps you recapture potentially lost sales. It's not just about restocking; it's about notifying your customers at the right time. Start with Notify Me! today and enhance your customers' shopping experience.

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