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EComposer x Notify Me! Integration
EComposer x Notify Me! Integration

Learn how to seamlessly integrate the Notify Me! button with your EComposer-designed pages.

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This guide provides step-by-step instructions for integrating the Notify Me! button into your store pages using EComposer. This integration enables customers to sign up for back-in-stock alerts directly from the product pages created with EComposer, enhancing their shopping experience by keeping them informed about product availability.

Adding the Notify Me! Button to Your Pages

Step 1: Accessing the Extension

  1. Open EComposer: Install the EComposer app within your Shopify store to start building and editing your pages.

  2. Navigate to Extensions: Click the Extension icon or the Add More button under the Extensions element list to open the extension options.

Step 2: Embedding the Extension

  1. Locate the Notify Me! Back In Stock|PreOrder Extension: Search for the Notify Me! Back In Stock|PreOrder extension in the popup menu.

  2. Install the Extension: Click the Install now button to add the extension to your eComposer toolset.

Step 3: Placing the Button on a Page

  1. Drag and Drop: Drag the Notify Me! Back In Stock|PreOrder extension to the desired location on your page, typically below the product variant list, where it's most visible to customers.

Customizing the Notify Me! Button

Design Customization

Via EComposer Editor:

  • Content Tab: Modify the text label of the Notify Me! button to fit your branding or language preference.

  • Design Tab: Adjust the button's style, including color, font, size, and border, to match your site's design theme.

Via Notify Me! Editor:

  • Access the App Settings: In your Shopify admin, go to Apps, then select Notify! Back In Stock|PreOrder.

  • Open Back-in-stock Widgets: Select the Back in Stock tab from the sidebar menu then go to the Widgets and click on the Customize Widget button.

Content: Adjust the button label under the Content tab to match your store’s branding or language preference.

Styles: Adjust styles including text color, background color, font style, and more to ensure the button aligns with your website’s aesthetic.

Edit Code: For advanced customization, directly edit the CSS of the button.

Functional Behavior

  • Automatic Visibility: The Notify Me! button appears automatically on product detail pages only when the product is out of stock, and the Continue Selling When Out of Stock option is disabled.

Operational Guidelines

Page Compatibility

  • Effective Locations: The Notify Me! button using EComposer can only work with a Product detail section, it can not work on the Product grid, or Related products elements., ensuring clarity and functionality where it matters most.

Testing and Activation

  • Verify Functionality: After placement and customization, test the Notify Me! button to ensure it functions correctly and triggers notifications appropriately when products are restocked.

By integrating and customizing the Notify! Back In Stock|PreOrder button on your EComposer-built pages, you enhance customer engagement and potentially increase sales by keeping shoppers informed about the availability of desired products.

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