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Notify me! FAQs
Notify me! FAQs
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Here are some commonly asked questions about Notify Me!:


How to activate the button

The button is automatically activated once you install the app. If you're not seeing it on your out-of-stock products contact our support team and they'll take care of it for you.

How can the 'Notify Me' button be deactivated?

To disable the 'Notify Me' button, navigate to the Widgets tab and click on the toggle switch. This will immediately deactivate the button

How can I hide the button?

You can hide the button by tagging the product in your Shopify admin panel with the tag "hide-notify-btn"


Where can I see my requests?

You can see the list of customers waiting for notifications and the product they are interested in in the Reports tab. you can also filter them by Request date, Product tag, and vendor.

How can requests be removed?

To remove requests, visit the Reports > Requests tab, select the desired request(s) for deletion, and hit the Delete button. You also have the option to filter requests based on product name, subscription date, vendor, or product tag. After filtering, you can select and delete all matching requests at once.

What occurs with my requests once I hit the limit?

Whether you reach the subscription limit or the sent notification limit, your requests remain intact. You can view all your requests on your panel irrespective of these limits.

Are there any limitations within the app?

There are two types of limitations within our app: request limits and notification limits. The total request limit is set to 1,000. Notification limits, however, vary depending on your chosen plan. You can view the number of notifications allowed per month under the 'Plans' tab within your panel. For example, the Lite plan allows up to 10 notifications per month.


How do I know how many notifications have been sent this month?

You have a usage bar on the home page of your Notify Me! panel. you can see the number of notifications you have sent and how much you have left of your plan's limit of notifications.

Will the users receive notifications again if restock the same product?

When a product is restocked, notifications are dispatched to relevant customers. However, after the first notification, requests for that product are marked with the 'Restocked' status, and no further notifications are sent out for subsequent restocks of the same item.

Will the users receive confirmation emails after they submit requests?

By default, users don't receive confirmation emails. However, we offer a 'Thank you' message feature that sends an email, SMS, or push notification to customers to confirm their request was received successfully. To activate this feature, navigate to the Notifications tab and select the 'Thank You' message and activate it.

What is the Notify me! contact email and how to change it?

Notify Me!' contact email serves as the primary contact point for updates about requests, reports, import status, product notifications, and special offers. We recommend setting this email to the person responsible for managing the app. You can modify it under Account Settings > General.

What does the discount description entail? Is it auto-generated?

The discount description within the email notification customization refers to your specific discount code and any relevant details. Example: "Enjoy a 20% discount on your purchase with the code: Thankyou20." This discount is not created automatically; you must generate it via your Shopify account.

Sales channels and which inventory management tools we track

Notify Me! only tracks your Online Store sales channels and inventories other than that will be ignored.

How can I edit the message sent to customers?

You can edit your messages by going to the Notification tab. Email, SMS and Push notifications are all editable from there.

Do I have to add the minimum inventory tag to all the products?

You can see a minimum inventory quantity number in the Noitfication> Advanced tab. That number is applied to all the products in your store. if you want one of your products to have a different number you can use the tag. so you don't need to add the tag to all the products.

How can I change the sender's email address?

You can change the sender of your email notifications by going to the Notification> Advanced tab.

How to activate/disable SMS notifications.

To activate or disable the SMS channel you just need to g go to the Notification tab and then the SMS tab. you can toggle it on and off there. If you only want to stop receiving SMS requests but still want to send the older ones, you can go to the Widgets> Subscription Form, hover on the SMS option, and click on the eye icon.

Plans & Billing

Which plan are you on and how much you’re paying

You can see the plan you're on on the home page of your Notify Me! panel. and by going to the Plans page you can see how much your current plan costs per month.

Is thank you message included in the notifications limit?

No, Thank you message notifications are not counted as the number of notifications you have sent. However, for thank you SMS messages you have to pay like the back-in-stock notifications.

What is the cost of SMS notifications?

You can 5 free SMS notifications on each plan. When you reach the limit of SMS notifications you'll be charged for the extra amount of SMS notifications you're sending. the cost is different based on the country you're sending the notifications to and you can see the fees here.

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