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What is Notify Me! delivery policy and how it works?
What is Notify Me! delivery policy and how it works?

Want a Controlled Approach to Restock Alerts? Discover the Power of delivery policy feature a and Manual Notification Batching!

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In the e-commerce landscape, product restocks can generate a frenzy of excitement. However, blasting every awaiting customer with notifications the instant a product is available might not always be strategic. Enter the 'Delivery Policy' feature in our "Notify Me!" app, offering the ability to dispatch notifications in a more controlled, batched manner. Ready to take charge? Here's your comprehensive guide.

Why Choose Delivery Policy Over Instant Notifications?

The traditional approach is to notify all waiting customers instantly. So why consider a batched approach? Here are a few reasons:

  • Controlled Traffic: Immediate notifications to all customers can cause a surge in website traffic, which may strain server resources or cause inventory issues.

  • Priority Handling: Decide whether long-waiting customers get the first dibs or whether new subscribers should be prioritized.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Batching notifications can make the restocking feel more exclusive, adding value to the shopping experience.

Setting Up the Delivery Policy:

  1. Switch to Manual Mode: By default, the "Notify Me!" app delivery policy is set to automatic. To leverage the Delivery Policy feature, you need to switch it to 'Manual'. Go to the 'Notification' tab and then 'Advanced'. You'll see the Delivery Policy feature there.

  2. Prioritize Notification Sequence: Decide the pecking order. Do newer subscribers get notified first or do older, long-waiting customers?

  3. Batch Size Configuration: Define the batch size relative to your inventory. If set to a multiplier of '5', and the product inventory is '10', the first batch will send notifications to 50 customers. This multiplier ensures notifications correlate with stock levels.

  4. Set Interval Between Batches: Determine the time gap between sending one batch of notifications and the next. This interval allows for a controlled flow of customers.

Dynamic Adjustments and Waitlist Integration:

  • Inventory Changes & Notifications: If, during the interval, the inventory decreases (perhaps due to purchases), the batch size adjusts dynamically. Using the previous example, if the inventory reduces to 4, the next batch will target 40 customers.

  • Product Unavailability: If a product goes out of stock before all batches are dispatched, the pending notifications are halted. These customers are then first in line for notifications during the next restock.

  • Waitlist Utility: The Delivery Policy also functions as a waitlist. If more customers are waiting than the product stock can accommodate, they effectively become part of a waitlist and are prioritized in future restocks.


The Delivery Policy feature in the "Notify Me!" app offers flexibility, control, and a more strategic approach to restock notifications. By optimizing your notification delivery, you not only manage website traffic and inventory better but also enhance the overall customer experience.

Need further clarification on how to make the most of this feature? Our dedicated support team is here to help. Make every restock a strategic success with controlled, batched notifications!


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