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Speak Your Customer's Language: Introducing the Multi-Lingual Feature
Speak Your Customer's Language: Introducing the Multi-Lingual Feature

Guide to Setting Up and Customizing Multi-Language Alerts for a Global Audience

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The digital marketplace is global, and so are the varied languages spoken by your shoppers. Catering to a diverse customer base means breaking down language barriers, and our app does precisely that. Through our multi-lingual feature, we empower businesses to communicate effectively with customers from different linguistic backgrounds. Let's delve into how you can leverage this feature for a more inclusive shopping experience.

The Power of Language in E-Commerce

Language is more than just words—it's an embodiment of culture, emotions, and identity. When your customers see content in their native language, it fosters trust, builds rapport, and greatly enhances user experience. The multi-lingual feature is designed keeping this essence in mind.

Key Features

  1. Dynamic Button Translation: Our app will automatically display the 'Notify Me' button (or equivalent) in the language corresponding to the user's selected site language.

  2. Tailored Notifications: If a French-speaking customer expresses interest in a product, rest assured they'll receive their back-in-stock alert in French. The app detects and sends notifications in the languages your customers have subscribed in.

  3. Customizable Content: Want to add a personal touch? Or perhaps a regional catchphrase? Our app allows users to edit and customize the content in different languages, ensuring you can maintain brand voice consistency across different linguistic markets.

Setting Up the Multi-Lingual Feature:

  1. Navigate to Language Settings: Once in the Notify Me! app on your Shopify dashboard, go to the Account setting from the navigation bar, and look for the 'Language' option.

  2. Select Active Languages: Here, you can see you can see the list of your languages.

  3. Customize Content (Optional): For each language, you'll find editable fields for the button text, notification content, and more. Customize as per your brand voice or specific regional preferences.

  4. Save Preferences: After making your desired changes, always ensure you save settings for them to take effect.

Benefits of Embracing Multi-Lingual Functionality:

  • Increased Global Reach: Speak your customer's language and instantly expand your market potential.

  • Enhanced Customer Trust: Native language communication reduces ambiguities and fosters trust.

  • Improved Conversion Rates: A tailored shopping experience, right from browsing to notifications, can significantly boost sales.


In the era of global e-commerce, being linguistically versatile is not just an added feature—it's a necessity. The multi-lingual functionality in our app is our commitment to helping you foster global connections, one language at a time.

For more insights or assistance in setting up this feature, our support team is always ready to guide you. Embrace the world of languages and amplify your global e-commerce presence.

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