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Import your list of subscribers in Notify me!
Import your list of subscribers in Notify me!

Learn how to import your requests

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When you’ve just started using Notify me! or recently switched to Notify me! from other back-in-stock services, you may want to add your old list of subscribers to new app.

Follow these steps to import your list of requests:

  1. Go to Reports> All Requests.

  2. Click on the Import option.

3. Download the sample CSV template.

4. The sample CSV file includes 5 fields:

  • Column number

  • email

  • product_url

  • phone_number

  • subscribe_at

5. Do the changes to your own file so that it looks like the sample file.

Note: The columns names should be exactly like the sample file. you can have extra columns in it but the 5 mentioned columns must exist in your file. even if you don't have the phone numbers, for instance, you should have the column and leave it empty.

Here are the columns you need to have in your CSV file:






The email address of your subscriber

The product URL that the subscriber has requested

The phone number of your subscriber (e.g. +219386438029)

The date that the subscriber has requested.

(e.g. 2021-04-13)


  • The subscribed_at field should only contain the date and not the exact time.

  • Phone numbers should have the + at the beginning.

6. Click on Add file and add the file you just made.

7. Click on the Import requests button.

Now, you'll get a confirmation email if you successfully added your file . after some time based on the number of requests you'll have a second email telling you how many rows of your file have been imported successfully and which rows have had issues and what issues. you can then resolve the problems and import the file again.

Note: You'll receive these emails in your Notify me! contact email inbox. you can view your contact email from Account Settings> General and change it if necessary.

you should be able to see your imported requests on Reports> All Requests and you’re ready to go.

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