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GDPR double consent
GDPR double consent

Learn about GDPR double consent feature and why is necessary to have it.

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General data privacy regulation known as GDPR is Considered the most significant privacy regulation in 20 years which was established in 2018. it grants specific rights to individuals to increase transparency and give them control over their data and how it's used. Though the GDPR is an EU-based law, it doesn't apply to only EU companies. It has what's called extraterritorial reach. That means that even if a company doesn't operate within the EU, say it's U.S.-based, but has customers in the EU, it must comply with the GDPR.

That's why we have provided this feature in Notify me!. with this feature, you can get consent from your customers to send them notifications.

How to enable it

This feature is available to you on the Premium plan and you can activate it by going to your panel > Notify Channels > Advanced and then clicking on the double consent GDPR in the GDPR compliance section.

How does it work

When your customers enter their email address or phone number they'll receive an email/ SMS asking them to consent to receive future notifications from your shop. now, this request is on your panel and you can see it in the Reports> Requests tab.

As you can see in the image above the status of these requests is Pending GDPR. when requests have the Pending GDPR status the notification will not be sent to your customers since they have not consented to receive back-in-stock notifications.

The email and SMS they see are something like this:

If your customers click on the link and consent to receive back-in-stock notifications from your shop the status of the request on your panel changes to Awaiting stock and they'll receive notifications upon restocking the item.

Additional notes

  • When importing requests, which you can read about in this article, if you have the GDPR double consent feature enabled, all the requests will have the Pending GDPR status and will receive consent email/SMS.

  • If a customer has had requests before enabling the GDPR feature if they submit requests after that, the status of all the previous requests will be changed to Pending GDPR meaning they will not receive any notifications until they consent.

  • The most important one is that when disabling the feature, all the previous Pending GDPR requests will turn to Awaiting stock. you will get this warning when disabling the feature in the panel:

Make sure you agree with this before pressing the Confirm button.

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