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Supported Payment Methods for Pre-Orders
Supported Payment Methods for Pre-Orders

Navigating Pre-Order Payments: Understanding Shopify Payments and PayPal Express Compatibility

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Integrating pre-orders in your online store provides an invaluable way to maintain sales momentum even when a product is temporarily out of stock. However, a vital component to understand regarding this feature is the specific payment methods that are supported. Let's dive deeper into the payment methods compatible with the Pre-Order feature in your Shopify store.

Supported Payment Methods for Pre-Orders:

  1. Shopify Payments: If you're using Shopify's native payment system, it is fully integrated to handle pre-orders. Customers can conveniently place their pre-orders with this method, ensuring a smooth transaction process.

  2. PayPal Express: Another major player in online transactions, PayPal Express is equipped and compatible with pre-orders. Make sure you've appropriately set up this method in your Shopify settings to handle these types of transactions.

Things to Remember:

  • Refunds and Cancellations: Given the nature of pre-orders, there might be occasional cancellations. Be well-acquainted with the refund procedures for both Shopify Payments and PayPal Express to ensure efficient customer service interactions.

  • Clear Communication: Always be transparent about your pre-order payment policies. A well-informed customer is more likely to trust and continue shopping with you.


Ensuring you're using the right payment methods for pre-orders not only streamlines the transaction process but also elevates the customer shopping experience. With Shopify Payments and PayPal Express, you're equipped to effectively manage and process pre-order transactions, optimizing sales and sustaining customer trust.


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