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When and Where The Pre-Order Button Appears
When and Where The Pre-Order Button Appears

Pre-Order Button Criteria: When, Why, and How it Displays in Your Shopify Store

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Navigating the world of online retail means being prepared for the inevitable – sometimes, a product will fly off the virtual shelves faster than you anticipated. But just because a product is out of stock doesn't mean the sales opportunities have to end. Enter the Pre-Order button. This feature lets customers commit to buying now, with the understanding that shipment occurs once the item is back in stock. But when exactly does this button show up? And why? Let's delve into the intricacies of this feature.

Criteria for Displaying the Pre-Order Button

  1. Out-of-Stock Status: The primary criterion for the Pre-Order button to appear is, naturally, when a product is out of stock. But remember, not every out-of-stock product will automatically show this button.

  2. "Continue selling when out of stock" Option Activated: In order for the Pre-Order button to be visible, the product in question must have the "Continue selling when out of stock" option turned on. This ensures that even if the product is out of stock, customers can still make a purchase. you can activate this option by entering a product in the Shopify admin and going to the Inventory section.

  3. App Settings: Within our Notify Me! Back in Stock Alert app, there are specific settings that determine when the Pre-Order button is displayed. Ensure these settings are correctly configured to match your store's preferences.
    Go to the Pre-order > Widget tab.
    Click on Customize widget button.
    You can enable the button on product pages, collection and home page and customize them.

Final Thoughts

The Pre-Order button is not merely a tool to continue sales during stock-outs but a strategic feature that enhances customer experience, assists in inventory management, and provides a competitive advantage. By understanding when and why it appears, you can better navigate and optimize your online store's performance.

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