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How Can You Manually Control Notifications in the Notify Me! App?
How Can You Manually Control Notifications in the Notify Me! App?

Balancing Automation with Control: How to Personally Dispatch Restock Alerts to Your Customers

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Automation simplifies processes and ensures timely actions, but sometimes, having that human touch or making specific decisions can be valuable. Recognizing this balance, our app provides store owners the choice to not just rely on automatic notifications but to manually send them when they see fit. Let's dive into this manual feature and understand how you can make the best use of it.

Automatic vs. Manual: The Best of Both Worlds

By default, our app automatically monitors product availability and dispatches notifications to eager customers as soon as their desired items are restocked. This hands-off approach ensures efficiency and immediacy. However, there might be instances where you, as a store owner, want more control over when and to whom these notifications are sent. And that's where the manual sending feature shines.

Using the Manual Notification Sending Feature:

  1. Access Notification Requests: Navigate to the Reports> Requests section in your Notify Me! panel on your Shopify dashboard.

  2. Select Desired Requests: Here, you'll see a list of all notification requests made by your customers. You can select specific requests by ticking the checkboxes next to them.

  3. Filter and Select (Optional): If you have a large number of requests and want to send notifications based on certain criteria, use the filtering options. Once filtered, you can select all the filtered requests.

  4. Send Manually: After selecting the desired notification requests, click on the 'Actions' 'Send Manually' option. Notifications will be dispatched to the selected customers.

When Might Manual Sending Be Useful?

  • Strategic Release: If you're restocking a popular product and want to create a sense of event or timed release, you can manually send out notifications at the exact moment you decide.

  • Selective Notifications: Perhaps you want to prioritize notifying certain segments of your customers first, like those from a specific location or loyalty tier. Manual selection lets you do this.

  • Personal Review: Before an automated system sends out notifications, you might want to review and ensure everything is in order, especially for high-profile products or launches.


Our app strives to cater to varied needs by offering both automatic and manual notification-sending options. It's all about giving you the flexibility to decide how you wish to engage with your customers. Whether you want the app to take the lead or you want to take matters into your own hands, the choice is yours.

If you need further guidance on how to utilize the manual sending feature or any other aspect of the app, our support team is ready to assist. Equip yourself with the power of choice and make the most of every restocking event.

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