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How Transferring Requests for Unavailable Products work to Maintain Customer Relations
How Transferring Requests for Unavailable Products work to Maintain Customer Relations
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Shopify store owners often update their product offerings, leading to changes in variant IDs. This can happen when you delete a variant and create a new one, or add new variants to existing products. Such changes can disrupt the connection between customer notifications and the products they are interested in, as the back-in-stock notifications are tied to specific variant IDs. To address this, our app now includes a feature that allows you to transfer customer requests to another variant. This ensures that your customers are promptly informed and that potential sales are not lost.

Step-by-Step Guide to Transfer Requests:

Identify Transferable Variants:

  • Navigate to the Notify Me' app within your Shopify admin.

  • Click on 'Reports', and view the 'Awaiting stock' tab to identify variants suggested to be transferred.

Selecting the Variant to Transfer:

  • From the 'Awaiting stock' tab, you'll find variants with pending customer requests that could be transferred.

  • Click on the Transfer requests button or select the variant you wish to transfer requests from.

Transferring to a New Variant:

  • After selecting a variant, click the 'Actions' button.

  • Choose 'Transfer requests' and select the new variant you wish to transfer these requests to from the list.

  • Click on Add button and confirm to transfer the requests to the new variant.

Reviewing Transfer Details:

  • Once requests are transferred, you can see a breakdown of how many requests were originally for the product and how many have been transferred from another product.

This helps you keep track of customer interest and maintain accurate stock notification records.

Customizing Notifications:

Notifications for transferred variants are distinct from regular restock alerts.

If you need to customize the design of these notifications, please contact our support team for assistance.


Transferring customer requests to a new variant ensures continuous engagement with your customers and helps maintain potential sales. With this new feature, you can keep your customers updated even when product variants undergo changes. For further assistance or customization requests, do not hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Remember, keeping your customers informed is key to retaining sales and ensuring a positive shopping experience on your Shopify store.

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