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Minimum stock quantity to send notifications automatically
Minimum stock quantity to send notifications automatically
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As soon as Notify me! detects that a sold-out product is back in stock, the system will trigger an alert to all users who have requested to be notified when that product is back in stock. The default minimum stock limit to trigger the alert is 1 for all products in your store, which means that even if there was only one item of that product restocked, every user that had requested will receive an alert.

This could be a problem when you have hundreds of thousands of users waiting on alerts for a popular product. Let’s say that you get a couple of items of that product restocked and that triggers an alert to all those users. If the item sells out quickly again, which is very likely, most of those users are going to have a frustrating experience because the product has likely sold out by the time they see the back-in-stock alert and visit the store to buy – not an ideal experience for your most engaging customers. This is also quite common if you are processing returns on a product and the return inadvertently triggers restock alerts because technically the product is now back-in-stock and the system will assume that alerts need to be dispatched.

To prevent this from happening, you can set a minimum stock quantity to send notifications automatically. Once this value is configured, the back-in-stock alerts will only be triggered if the inventory quantity for that restocked product is higher than the specified threshold.

You can set this threshold to any value greater than 0, and you would configure this from the Notify me! Notification>Advanced tab. Back-in-stock notifications won’t be sent unless the inventory quantity is greater than the number you set.

Different minimum inventory for products

Here comes the cool part. you can set different minimum inventories for different products. some products are in high demand and you need to send notifications when the inventory has reached 100 but some are different and you need to send notifications even if you have 1 stock. this is where this feature comes into play.

You can set different minimum inventories by tagging your Shopify products with the tag Restock-min-inventory-X which X is the minimum number. For instance, if you want a product's minimum inventory to be set as 20 you should go to your Shopify admin and tag the product with the tag Restock-min-inventory-20 tag. The notifications for that product will go out when you have at least 20 items available.


  • Tags are on product-level. when you tag a product with the minimum inventory tag, the tag is applied for all variants of that product.

  • Each variant should exceed the minimum inventory number for the notifications for that variant to go out. for example, for the tag in the picture above, each variant should have 20 items to send notifications and not all the variants all together.

  • The tag is case-sensitive. make sure you use the exact tag as above.

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