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How is the app compatible with pre-order products?
How is the app compatible with pre-order products?

What is a pre-order product and how can you have the button on pre-order products too.

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Are you curious whether it's possible to have a Notify Me! button on products available for pre-order? The answer is yes! It is.

Firstly, let's define pre-order products:

These are items in your Shopify store where you've enabled the "continue selling when out of stock" option. This feature allows you to sell a product even when its stock count is zero, meaning it can be pre-ordered. You can find this option in your Shopify admin panel by selecting each product and its variants:

What if you want to have the "Notify Me!" button on these pre-order product pages too? Here's how you can do this:

In your Notify Me! panel, navigate to Widgets > Advanced. There, you'll find the option "Show the 'Notify Me!' button on pre-order product pages".

By enabling this feature, you'll allow your customers to sign up for restock notifications on pre-order products.

This way, your customers will be promptly notified when their pre-ordered item is back in stock, enhancing their shopping experience and your customer engagement.

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