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How to resend notifications
How to resend notifications

How Can You Ensure Customers Didn't Miss Out? Resending Notifications Explained!

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Communication is key in e-commerce, especially when it pertains to highly anticipated product restocks. Sometimes, for a myriad of reasons, customers might miss or overlook these notifications. Recognizing the need for an encore, our app introduces the 'Resend Notifications' feature. Want to know how to give your notifications a second chance to shine? Keep reading!

Why Resend Notifications?

Before delving into the how-to, let's understand the why:

  • Missed Alerts: Emails and notifications can sometimes end up in the spam folder or get lost in a busy inbox.

  • Added Reminder: A second notification serves as a gentle nudge, reminding customers of their desired product's availability.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Demonstrating persistence in communicating can highlight your commitment to customer satisfaction.

Resending Notifications: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Navigate to Sent Notifications: On your Notify Me! app dashboard, head to the 'Reports' > 'Sent Notifications' tab.

  2. Select Notifications: Browse through the list of previously sent notifications. Check the boxes next to the ones you wish to resend.

  3. Use Filters (Optional): If you have numerous notifications and wish to target specific ones (maybe based on product type, date, or customer segment), utilize the filtering options. Once your criteria are set, select the filtered results.

  4. Click 'Resend Notification': With your notifications selected, simply hit the 'Resend' button. Those messages will be promptly dispatched again to the respective customers.

Tips for Effective Resending:

  • Timely Resends: Don't resend too soon. Give your customers some time to react to the first notification before sending a reminder.

  • Limit Frequency: While resending is a great tool, overdoing it might come off as spammy. Use this feature judiciously.


The 'Resend' feature in our app offers a simple yet powerful way to re-engage with your customers, ensuring they don't miss out on their awaited products. Being proactive and persistent can indeed enhance your store's reputation and sales figures.

For any further inquiries or assistance with the feature, our dedicated support team is always at your service. Make every notification count, not just once, but as many times as needed!


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