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All you need to know about SMS notifications.
All you need to know about SMS notifications.
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Sending back-in-stock SMS notifications is an excellent method to inform your customers about the availability of their favorite products. By collecting customer phone numbers, we can automatically send notifications when products are restocked. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to enable & customize the content of these SMS alerts.

  • From the left navigation bar select Notification.

  • Select SMS from the back-in-stock channels lists.

  • You can enable/disable SMS notifications by toggling it on/off.

  • The SMS text has three suggested variables. Product Name, Shop Name, and Product URL.

  • You can use the first two if you like, but SMS content must contain the Product URL and can't be omitted.

  • Adding or removing variables is as easy as clicking on them. If you would like to add them to a specific place, click the text box there, then click the variable selector.

  • Customers can reply with 1 if they wish to unsubscribe from receiving SMS from your shop.

  • you can send a test SMS using the Send test SMS button on the top right corner. this test SMS will be sent to your contact phone number.

  • The default pre-number in the subscription form is displayed based on the subscriber's location. for example, if they are in Canada the default pre-number will be +1.

  • You can set and change your contact number under Settings> General settings> Your phone number.

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