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Maximum pre-order sales limit

How to Use the Advanced Pre-Order Limit Feature

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Looking to control the buzz around your upcoming product? Limiting the number of pre-orders is a smart way to manage inventory and customer expectations. Our advanced feature allows you to set a maximum pre-order sell limit easily for each product by using the preorder-limit-count tag.

Steps to Set Maximum Pre-Order Sell Limit

Step 1: Navigate to the Product Page

  1. Log in to your admin dashboard.

  2. Go to the 'Products' section.

  3. Select the product for which you want to set a pre-order limit.

Step 2: Add the Pre-Order Limit Tag

  1. Locate the 'Tags' section.

  2. Add a tag in the format preorder-limit-COUNT, replacing COUNT with the limit number you have in mind. For example, if you want to limit pre-orders to 50 units, the tag should read preorder-limit-50.

Step 3: Save and Review

  1. Save the changes to your product details.

How It Works

Once the preorder-limit-count tag and count parameter are set, customers will only be able to pre-order up to that number. When the limit is reached, the pre-order widget will automatically disappear and the product will show as "Sold Out."

Removing the Limit

If you wish to remove the pre-order limit at any time:

  1. Navigate back to the product details.

  2. Edit or remove the preorder-limit-COUNT tag.

  3. Save your changes..


Setting a maximum pre-order limit allows you to control inventory and manage customer expectations effectively. With the preorder-limit-count tag, this process becomes straightforward and easy to manage. Happy selling!

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