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Understanding Advanced Inventory Notification Settings
Understanding Advanced Inventory Notification Settings
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Our app is designed to keep your customers informed and engaged by automatically notifying them when a product they're interested in is available again. We understand the importance of maintaining customer interest and capitalizing on demand, even when products are momentarily out of stock. To enhance this service, we've introduced new advanced notification settings that cater to Shopify's inventory management options.

New Features: Advanced Notification Settings

Shopify provides options to sell products even when they're out of stock by enabling certain settings. Typically, our app notifies subscribers only when inventory levels are updated to positive numbers. However, with our new advanced settings, you can choose to notify your customers in scenarios where:

Continue Selling When Out of Stock: This Shopify option allows customers to purchase products even when they are not currently in stock. When this setting is enabled on your Shopify store, our app can send back-in-stock notifications to subscribers, indicating that the item is available for purchase again.

Track Quantity Turned Off: When you choose not to track the inventory quantity of a product in Shopify, it remains available for purchase indefinitely. Our app can be configured to understand this as availability, thereby triggering a notification to subscribers who've expressed interest in such products.

How to Enable Advanced Notification Settings

Follow these simple steps to configure your app's advanced notification settings:

  1. Log in to your Shopify Admin Panel.

  2. Navigate to the 'Apps' section and select Notify Me!PreOrder.

  3. In the app dashboard, click on the 'Notification' tab.

  4. Scroll down to the 'Advanced sending notification configure' section.

Here, you'll find two toggles:

  • Send Notifications When "Continue Selling When Out of Stock" is On: Toggle this to enable notifications under this condition.

  • Send Notifications When "Track Quantity" is Off: Enable this to send notifications when product availability does not depend on inventory tracking.

Choose your desired settings by toggling them on or off according to your business needs.

5. Save your changes.

Best Practices for Using Advanced Notification Settings

Understand Your Inventory: Before enabling these settings, ensure that you have a strategy for managing orders for products that may not be immediately in stock.

Communicate Clearly: Make sure your product pages clearly indicate the availability status and expected fulfillment times to maintain transparency with your customers.

Monitor Customer Demand: Use these settings to gauge interest in products that are frequently sold out or for which you do not track inventory traditionally.


These advanced notification settings provide a great way to keep the momentum going for products that fly off the shelves or are made to order. By notifying customers of product availability, even when traditional stock levels are not the determining factor, you can enhance the shopping experience and potentially increase sales.

For any further assistance or queries, feel free to reach out to our support team. We're here to help you make the most of your back-in-stock notifications!

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