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Introducing Smart Notifications for Back-in-Stock Alerts
Introducing Smart Notifications for Back-in-Stock Alerts
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In our continuous effort to optimize the shopping experience and maximize conversion rates, we are excited to roll out our 'Smart Notifications' feature for back-in-stock alerts. This intelligent system enhances how notifications are sent, ensuring that they are both timely and targeted.

Smart Notification Feature

The 'Smart Notifications' setting revolutionizes the way notifications are dispatched when products come back in stock. Instead of sending out a blast to all subscribers at once, this feature adopts a more strategic approach:

Batch Notifications: Notifications are sent out in batches, prioritizing customers more likely to make a purchase.

Intelligent Scheduling: Following batches are scheduled at intervals, allowing inventory to be allocated more evenly and giving every subscriber a fair chance to purchase the product.

Time Zone Awareness: Notifications are sent during the subscriber's local time between 9 AM and 9 PM to ensure they are seen at the most opportune time.

Inventory Level Consideration: Batch sizes are dynamically adjusted based on current inventory levels to prevent overselling.

Pause on Sell-Out: If the product sells out again, remaining notifications are held back and queued for the next restock, ensuring no customer receives a notification for an unavailable product.

How to Enable Smart Notifications

To take advantage of the 'Smart Notifications' feature:

  1. Access the Notify Me!PreOrder App: Navigate to the app from your Shopify Admin Panel.

  2. Go to the 'Notification' Tab: This tab is where you will find all notification-related settings.

  3. Select 'Delivery Policy': Click on this option to configure how notifications are delivered.

  4. Choose 'Smart' in Primary Notification Settings: This activates the smart algorithm for sending notifications.


The 'Smart Notifications' feature is designed to empower store owners with the ability to send notifications more effectively, ensuring that customers receive restock alerts when they're most likely to engage. By optimizing notification delivery, we aim to help you improve customer satisfaction and drive sales.

For further information or assistance with setting up 'Smart Notifications', please reach out to our support team.

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